Are you in search of an efficient and robust solution? Look no further! Our software combines simplicity with unwavering power. From ensuring customer satisfaction to streamlining processes and optimising resource utilisation, our solution seamlessly orchestrates it all.

Our comprehensive CRM/ERP software seamlessly integrates various aspects of your business, creating a centralised hub for critical information, including financials, sales, CRM, stock, and procurement to order fulfilment.
Streamline and simplify your customers’ buying experiences with our feature rich dedicated B2B webshop for all size businesses, corporate, large, or SME.
Seamless integrations with various products and services, allowing you to operate efficiently with Xero, Sage, Fusionplus, InControl Marketing, and EvolutionX, saving you time and resources.
With Calidore AP you can automatically verify and post a supplier invoice into your accounts receivable directly from an email attachment. No more lost invoices, accounting errors, accounts put on hold and unnecessary over-payments.
Our retail solution offers all the facilities expected in a retail EPOS environment, with the added benefit of being real-time seamless integration with our back-office.
Eliminate delivery paperwork and improve customer satisfaction with our Proof of Delivery App for Android and iOS mobile phones. Allow your drivers to collect proof of delivery at every stop off.

Calidore is the perfect fit for your business

Our software services are Cloud based, cost effective, fully scalable, with easy access from anywhere.

Designed specifically for business supplies dealers with unique features for the industry, including office supplies, facilities management, educational supplies, clothing and workwear, technology, and consumables.

Our services will unify all your business operations in one cost effective integrated solution.
We help you grow your online presence and brand.

We will make it easy to control costs, monitor your margins, reduce stock holding, and ensure you buy at the best price.
You will build and maintain better relationships with your most valuable asset – your customer base.

Calidore isn’t just about software, it’s about empowering your business for success.
Let’s work together to achieve your goals.

We operate nationally and internationally, providing office product dealers with an integrated software solution. You can control your entire business and your e-commerce service from a single solution. We believe we offer an unparalleled support service where you speak to a real person rather than use the current trend of automated ticketing systems.

As experienced software designers, we offer more than business software, we deliver practical business solutions to help you grow and prosper.

Our focus on delivering outstanding software and exceptional service means that relationships are built on trust and a deep understanding of each client's business. We have a hands on approach, making a real difference as we continually work to fully understand your business and how we can add value. We advise how you can do things rather than why you can't.

We are customer focused. We do not believe in the use of message boards, online service portals, or ticketing systems for support or training. The support team are committed to providing excellent and comprehensive service that ensures you get the most out of your system.
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