Calidore CRM/ERP SaaS

Fully integrated CRM/ERP Solution for the Business Supplies Industry

Empowers you to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and achieve more with fewer resources.

  • Customer Relationship Management – Allows you to store and manage customer information in one place and provide better customer support.
  • Data Consistency – Data flows seamlessly between the sales and finance departments with access to the same data.
  • Sales and Lead management - Tracks leads, manages sales pipelines, quotations and automate follow-ups for customers and prospects.
  • Financial Management – Handle accounting, invoicing, and financial reporting seamlessly, ensuring accurate billing and payment tracking.
  • Inventory Management – Monitors stock levels and optimises inventory, ensuring accurate data across sales, procurement, and warehouse.  
  • Supply Chain Management – Streamline procurement, and distribution supplier. EDI Ordering.
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