eCommerce B2B Webshop

Dedicated integration with ‘Calidore’s CRM/ERP Solution’ with 24/7 Rapid order entry & live pricing

We will generate a unique crafted and eye catching webshop with your very own brand identity, captivating customers and simplifying their shopping experience that your customers will absolutely love.

  • Efficiency without duplication, no unnecessary steps, just results.
  • User friendly powerful search capabilities, whether it’s products, categories, or specific details, our webshop delivers.
  • Own branding, your logo, your fonts, your visual language, with consistency across every page reinforcing your brand.
  • High quality images showcase your products in their best light.
  • Personalisation for users, because everyone has unique preferences, enhancing the shopping journey.
  • Customer specific pricing and discounts reward loyal customers based on their history, and keep them coming back.
  • Direct integration with Fusionplus Data, product information flows seamlessly from the back office, with accurate up to date data ensuring a reliable shopping experience.
  • Order History at your fingertips, easily track orders and reorder with confidence.


Our webshop solution is more than just a platform, it’s an extension of your brand, designed to delight your customers.
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