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What we offer

A Cloud based office products software solution that helps to control your business and manage your storefront as a single

unified solution

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Everyone knows a great customer experience brings repeat business. That is why we created our sales driven office supplies software specifically for you. A true Cloud based unified system that controls your entire business from your web store through to collection of PODs, EPOS and management accounts. We offer a scalable solution from 1 to 100+ users, for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

In comparisons with other back-office systems Calidore proved more efficient in:-


  1. Taking responsibility for Product File Downloads/Updates – others expect YOU to do it. We work directly with the wholesaler's product files and with FusionData on your behalf.

  2. No restriction with your product portfolio, we offer flexible Product Files that allow the introduction of your own products with images – others were limited to their options

  3. Customer service. We give you the ability to speak directly to a support technician – others kept you in a ticket queue for hours (even days!)

  4. Cloud performance. We have partnered with a leading UK Cloud provider that gives us a smooth and timely operation of our Cloud offering – others were slow and cumbersome

  5. Work flow. We offer a flexible operation of the work flow – others proved difficult to alter or rectify mistakes in your day to day order flow

  6. Discounts work in real-time, e.g. using your current cost prices and selling prices.

  7. Your account exec is involved from Sale to Implementation – others failed to live up to false Sales promises as the Salesman was no longer involved

  8. Flexible contract based on mutual trust – others insisted on long-term tie-in.

  9. Electronic Connections with Suppliers and Customers from multiple operators – others created a log-jam through a single port throughput.

  10. Integrated suite of systems – others offered 3rd-Party add-ons for Accounts and/or CRM

Our unique solution offers a seamless fully integrated single business solution comprising,

  • A sales driven back office system with superb functionality that helps you control your entire business in real time.

  • Seamless real-time integration with Evo-X, the industry leading webstore.

  • An EPOS system designed by you for the business supplies industry.

  • EDI for all of your emailed purchase invoices as well as EDI links with all of the major suppliers that improve accuracy and efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Fusion product feeds for all of the major industry suppliers.

  • Automatic product and cost price updates.

  • Mobile Apps for your drivers to obtain proof of delivery signatures and time stamps.

  • Data transfers.

  • No long term contracts.

  • Flexible user licensing with no upper or lower limit, add and remove users as you wish month by month if need be.