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Working from Home

Calidore AP

EDI for all of your purchase invoices


The World has changed, remote working is now part and parcel of the workplace. With Calidore AP you can now automatically verify and post any supplier invoice in to your accounts receivable, whether you are in the office or at home, directly from an email attachment.

Calidore AP

With POWER-Gx and Calidore AP your business can benefit from savings in time, money and effort by simply eliminating the need to handle, process and reconcile suppliers invoices - in essence EDI for all of your purchase invoicing.

Calidore AP will automatically process the invoices into POWER-Gx as well as storing your documents for seven years.

No more lost invoices, accounting errors, accounts put on hold and unnecessary over-payments. Calidore AP provides you with a structured and streamlined process for handling all incoming invoices.  

We simply take your supplier’s invoice from the email they send to you and process the invoice directly into POWER-Gx. No more sorting through the post, printing invoices, collecting them from the office to post at home, forwarding them for approval or matching them to the correct purchase orders. Calidore AP is available as an addon for our fully Integrated back office solution POWER-Gx.

Developed alongside our technolgy partner SmartOffice, Calidore AP demonstrates our commitment and ability to deliver new Cloud based technologies to help your business in these challenging and changing times.


.Perfect for home workers and ideal for office based workers


Perfect for home workers and ideal for office based worke

Your business is sales driven so make sure your staff have the tools to do their jobs as efficiently as possible.


Get visibility across your entire operation and make smarter informed financial decisions with accurate, real-time visibility into your company’s finances.


Seamless integration of your web store and back office ERP system for you and your customers. Reduce errors and inaccuracies by eliminating duplication of information in multiple systems.

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Minimise the threat of disruption by choosing our secure and resilient North East data centre tailored solutions.

Our Cloud solution gives you the facilities, the network, and the know-how to support your growth.