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Our Cloud

Wherever you want your business to go, our Cloud solution will allow you to secure and protect your business, modernise your infrastructure, and adhere to data regulations. By combining the ethos of our hardware partner, I T Professional Services,  the power of Microsoft's cloud technology, along with our highly qualified and dedicated team, we are the right company to help your business.


Unlock your potential to transform, grow and succeed.

Our Cloud

If you're not from a technical background, then understanding "The Cloud" could be confusing and somewhat daunting. It needn't be.  The Cloud is a way to access products and services securely through the internet anywhere in the world.

It has been around for years and you are probably already using it with social media, Amazon, webmail or YouTube. You tap into huge banks of data through complex programs, each of which is hosted on various forms of physical hardware, located elsewhere in the world.

The term "Cloud computing" incorporates all of the clever networking, languages, programs and environments that allow us to do this. It refers to the ability to link computer technologies globally through an Internet connection to give you access to our products, through a web browser, without the need for you to buy expensive and complicated hardware.

Using our Cloud means you have no costly investment in servers or maintenance contracts. Our Cloud offers a fully managed system for your business software without complications​. All you do is use our system, we take care of everything else.

We have partnered with a leading UK Data Centre provider, IT Professional Services, that offer state of the art data centres for a secure, resilient environment for our systems and your data.

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