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Fusion are constantly adding new suppliers and manufacturers to their portfolio to enable your data to be enhanced directly from the affiliated brand owners and manufacturers. This includes multiple high resolution images, specification sheets, documentation, bulleted text, video, alternative and up-selling product links, plus much more.

Fusion e-content listing

Current available catalogues as at Nov 2021

3M UK £ (Non Selling)

A M Dunne IRE €

Acco IRL €


AF International UK £ (Non Selling)

Antalis Initiative UK Supplement

Antalis IRE

Antalis OfficeClub UK Supplement

Antalis UK £

Aster Technology IRE Euro

Aster Technology UK £

Avery Direct UK £

Avery UK £ (Non Selling)

BCD Supplies UK £

Beaverswood EUR

Beaverswood GBP

BIC UK £ (Non Selling)

Bi-silque UK £ (Non Selling)

Blake and White UK £

Blake Envelopes Creative Products UK £

Blake Envelopes Full List UK £

Blake Envelopes Packaging UK £

Blake Envelopes Premium Range UK £

Blake Envelopes Retail Packs UK £

BONG Envelopes UK £

CTS Toner Supplies Full Listing IRE €

CTS Toner Supplies Full Listing UK £

CTS Toner Supplies OEM UK £

Dams at Home IRE €

Dams at Home UK £

Dams Black Friday Sale UK £

Dams Furniture Big Deals UK £

Dams Furniture IRE €

Dams Furniture Made To Order IRE €

Dams Furniture Made To Order UK £

Dams Furniture UK £

Data Direct UK £

Deflecto Europe UK £ (Non Selling)

Durable Full Product File UK £ (Non Selling)

Durable Products New for 2016

Durable UK Direct Catalogue

Dynamic Furniture IRE €

Dynamic Furniture UK £

eco eco Stationery UK £

Edit Office Furniture IRE €

Envelopes Ltd UK £

EOL Furniture Euro Priced

EOL Furniture NI £ Priced

Exaclair UK £

Exertis Advantia Exclusive

Exertis Supplies Office Vibes UK £

Exertis Supplies UK £

Fellowes AeraMax Professional Commercial Air Purifiers

Fellowes Furniture & Ergonomic Desk Accessories UK £

Fellowes UK £ (Non selling)

Fusion Printer Catalogue

Go2 UK £

Hamelin UK £ (Non Selling)

Hood Seating UK £

Hopax UK £ (Non Selling)

HSM High Security IRE €

HSM High Security UK £


HSM PowerLine IRE €

HSM PowerLine UK £

HSM Shredders IRE €

HSM Shredders UK £


Integra IRE €

Integra UK £

International Paper UK £ (Non Selling)

Internet of Printing (IOP)

intimus Shredders £

Jet Tec UK £

JGBM Catalogue

Kimberly Clark UK £ (Non Selling)

Kobra Shredders

Lexmark UK £ (Non Selling)

Matrix Office Furniture IRE €

Mitsubishi Pencil IRE €

Mitsubishi Pencil UK £

National Tape Sales (NTS) IRE €

National Tape Sales (NTS) NI £

Nemo List UK £

Nemo Mailer UK £

Nemo Nett UK £

Nemo RRP UK £

Nestle UK £ (Non Selling)

Office Friendly Mini Catalogue

Office Friendly ToolBank

Office Friendly UK £

Office Reality Café & Bistro Furniture UK £

Office Reality Furniture UK £

OT Wholesale 5 Star UK

OT Wholesale UK

Pentel UK £ (Non Selling)

Phoenix Safe Euro Priced

Phoenix Safe UK £

Pilot Pens UK £ (Non Selling)

Portfolio Group EUR

Portfolio Group GBP

Premier Paper UK £

Print-Rite UK £

Railex Filing UK £

Reliance Medical UK £

Revilo GBP

Safescan IE Euro

Safescan UK £

Snopake UK £ (Non Selling)

SpaceRight Europe Ltd UK £

Spectrum Industrial UK £

Spicers Office Supply (Ireland) Full Catalogue €

Spicers Office Supply (N.lreland) Full Catalogue £

Stewart Superior UK

Superstat Concise

Tabilo Furniture UK

TC Group Furniture UK £

Teknik Furniture UK £

Tombow UK £ (Non Selling)

Tradesupply Full Listing UK £

Tradesupply Full LIstng IRE €

Tradesupply Master (Non-Selling)

Trimfold Envelopes IRE €

Trodat Stamps Full Listing IRE €

Trodat Stamps Full Listing UK £

Trodat Stamps Non-customisable IRE €

Trodat Stamps Non-customisable UK £


Victor Stationery

VOW eBasic IRE €

VOW eBasic NI £

VOW eBasic UK £

VOW ePlus IRE €

VOW ePlus NI £

VOW ePlus UK £

VOW ePremium IRE €

VOW ePremium NI £

VOW ePremium UK £

VOW Initiative Supplement IRE €

VOW Initiative Supplement UK £

VOW Nemo Supplement UK £

Woodstock Leabank Furniture UK £

Xerox Paper Supplies UK £

Xerox XRC and Everyday Toners UK £ (Non Selling)