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The purpose of business is to create and keep customers

Office supplies dealers are sales focused companies and therefore your ERP system must be sales focused. Our CRM is not simply an added extra or a bolt-on, it is at the core of our system design.

CRM Features

How do you manage your customers and your business without wasting time, money and resource? Implementing our CRM system can do all of that for you. You are a sales focused Company and therefore your ERP system must be sales focused. Our CRM is not simply an added extra or a bolt-on, it is at the core of our system design.


Easy and intuitive to use, our CRM provides the relevant information your salesforce needs to improve their relationship with your customers, find new prospective customers, and win back former customers, as well as e sales faster. The more you know, and remember, about your customers and prospects the more your contacts know you care about them. This enables you to forge a much stronger connection and a deeper relationship with your customers.

Additionally sales management has real-time insight into pipeline opportunities and sales numbers, and an efficient avenue for managing sales reps.

Some of the standard features included are,

  • Separate Customer and Prospect databases.

  • Preparation of quotations for customers and/or prospects.

  • Conversion of a Prospect to a Customer whilst retaining all CRM history.

  • Multiple contacts with categorisation for targeted marketing.

  • Automated ring-back reminders by date and time.

  • Automatic ring-back roll on so you never forget to call someone.

  • Multiple ring-back operators per Prospect and/or Customer.

  • Unlimited call comments with comment categorisation so you can group comments, . E.g. Orders , quotations, web Store orders, debt chasing, GDPR opt-in/out

  • Full order and quotation history at a glance.

  • Identify those contacts who require documents via email and the type of document they receive, e.g. invoices, statements, order acknowledgments, debt letters.

  • Define web store login credentials and personal settings per contact, e.g. order pad only, orders need authorising, brand and/or product group restrictions.

  • Quick and easy order search for customer enquiries, "Can I have some more of those files I had 3 months ago?"

  • Real-time credit control.

Your business is sales driven so make sure your staff have the tool to do their jobs as efficiently as possible.


Get visibility across your entire operation and make smarter informed financial decisions with accurate, real-time visibility into your company’s finances.


Seamless integration of your web store and back office ERP system of  customers, orders, and pricing. Reduce errors and inaccuracies by eliminating duplication of information in multiple systems.

Web Store

Minimise the threat of disruption by choosing our secure and resilient North East data centre tailored solutions.

Our Cloud solution gives you the facilities, the network, and the know-how to support your growth.