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Arts and Crafts Store

EPOS for Retail Shops
"Designed for retail shops and stores by YOU"

Our retail solution offers all the facilities expected in a retail EPOS environment, with the added benefit of a real-time seamless integration with our back-office. Our solution offers functions such as:

  • Consumer and On-Account transactions

  • Stock control

  • Gift cards

  • Layaway

  • Loyalty points to reward customers

  • Cash back

  • Deposit sales

  • Split pack and quantity break pricing for singles

  • Promotions

Calidore is right for your retail business

We are much more than a traditional cash register or EPOS system. Smart EPOS can be server based but it is designed to work in our Cloud. Our unique Cloud solution enables you to work 24/7, even if your Internet connection is interrupted. One click and you can carry on processing. When the connection to our Cloud is re-established all processing is automatically synchronised. 

We also work with Cashguard (Eire), a cash handling system, to safeguard your cash receipts. With Cashguard there is no more till access for staff, and therefore discrepancies with cash takings is eliminated.

Colorful Pens

Product Features

  • Split packs, bar coding for packs and singles.

  • Consumer and customer sales.

  • Refunds.

  • Receipt enquiries and reprints.

  • Reward your customers with gift cards and loyalty points.

  • Use deposits to order in goods for someone.

  • Use our layaway facility to help customers collate multiple baskets of items or to temporarily reserve them for collection later.

  • Back office analysis of till performance.

  • Cashguard integration

  • Automatic till drawer

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