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"Our incredible ecommerce solution your customers will love"


To stand out in today's web-centric world, you need a solution that provides your customers with a seamless, smooth and enjoyable experience. The experience should be real-time, and be fully in-sync with your back office to enable automatic offers for visitors and targeted marketing campaigns for your sales staff.  You need to be able to offer customer-specific personalisation and deliver meaningful website content to make your customer feel special. We will help you build your online brand to further strengthen customer loyalty.

ePOWER  : Web Store

ePOWER has been designed with the office products industry in mind. It is designed to integrate with your back office seamlessly and in real-time. ePOWER is your shop window on the Internet for your latest offers and promotions for customers and consumers alike.

ePOWER is an extremely powerful and effective ecommerce solution that is easy to administer. Whether you want to add a promotion, amend an existing web site offer, promote a range of products, or simply change a customer's pricing, it is all done from with-in the back office. You do not need to amend your back office and then login to an administrative area of your web store and repeat the process. For example, use Maintain Customer Contracts in GX-SOP to set up or amend a customers contract. As soon as you click okay it is available on any aspect of the system where customer prices are needed, like your web store.

You can upload your own special offer artwork, define special promotions, set up an order pad for a customer. You can define which products are available by suppressing catalogues, brands, and even whole product sections, at site, customer or user level. Order authorisation levels are also available for large organisations. 

We also capture when a customer logs in and what they search for so you can create ring back lists and e-marketing campaigns targeting an individual contact's preferences, real and efficient business intelligence.

Our customer portal enhances your customer's experience and helps build customer loyalty by providing added value with services such as easy order history review, back order status, products last bought listing and printing of invoices.


Our rep portal provides vital information to assist them in their role with actual vs target comparisons, customer and product analysis, and interactive CRM.

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