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Streamline your business processes by using our real-time

fully integrated ERP and Financials software. We do not offer simply a fully integrated  solution , our software is designed as a single database solution with multiple intuitive designs specific to the business role, e.g. accounting, procurement, management reporting, warehousing and sales reporting.


EDI interoperability comes as standard as does the ability to abosrb orders from web sites. Our design  methodology offers you real-time visibility across all  your business operations.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems enable businesses to make effective and informed decisions, increase productivity, and grow profitability.

This is because an effective ERP business management solution is a single, integrated software platform designed to consolidate information across the entire business – including financials, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), stock and operations.

POWER-Gx is a powerful ERP solution that integrates all core business functions across an organisation, modules incorporated as standard are,

  • Sales Ledger

  • Purchase Ledger

  • Nominal Ledger incorporating Management Accounts

  • Purchase Order Processing

  • Stock Control

  • Sales order Processing

  • EDI

Your business is sales driven so make sure your staff have the tool to do their jobs as efficiently as possible.


Get visibility across your entire operation and make smarter informed financial decisions with accurate, real-time visibility into your company’s finances.


Seamless integration of your web store and back office ERP system of  customers, orders, and pricing. Reduce errors and inaccuracies by eliminating duplication of information in multiple systems.

Web Store

Minimise the threat of disruption by choosing our secure and resilient North East data centre tailored solutions.

Our Cloud solution gives you the facilities, the network, and the know-how to support your growth.

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