How We Do It


In order to install and implement a successful new system, whether you are a start up or a multi site operation with 50+ users, we need to get to know you. No two businesses are alike so we need to understand how your business operates, who does what, who you work with, how you do your selling, basically how you make your business work. Insome cases we will do two data transfers, one for on site pre-training, and one when you go live with our on-site trainers. Our experience has proven that in order to implement a successful system we need to invest our time in you, there are no short cuts that can be taken.

How We Do It

We start by getting to know you. We want to know how your business works, who are the key personnel and what are their roles.


We want to know how your networks are configured and what versions of software you are using to make sure you are adequately protected.


We want to know who your suppliers are so we make sure we have the correct supplier feeds in place.

We design your stationery with your logos, your colouring, and your terms and conditions of business.

We establish any specific practices that you follow to ensure continuity of service. E.g. import of invoice details from 3rd parties such as Xerox.

We discuss and agree an implementation and training plan for a smooth transition.

We follow up with review training, remote or on site, as you get used to the new system.

There are no short cuts to implementing a successful system installation. It takes time, planning and then more planning.  This is what we do and have done successfully for 30 years.


Your business is sales driven so make sure your staff have the tool to do their jobs as efficiently as possible.


Get visibility across your entire operation and make smarter informed financial decisions with accurate, real-time visibility into your company’s finances.


Seamless integration of your web store and back office ERP system of  customers, orders, and pricing. Reduce errors and inaccuracies by eliminating duplication of information in multiple systems.

Web Store

Minimise the threat of disruption by choosing our secure and resilient North East data centre tailored solutions.

Our Cloud solution gives you the facilities, the network, and the know-how to support your growth.