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In today's connected world, software solutions must be flexible and integrate seamlessly with other products and services. Connected software enables you to maximise your time to deliver a business strategy that sets you apart from your competition, and to provide the right product, at the right price, and with the best possible level of service.

Online Shopping


Best-in-Class B2B and B2C eCommerce platform

Evolution-X from the Estech Group was three years in the making but "oh boy", it's worth the wait. A beautifully crafted webstore for todays web centric world whether you use a traditional desktop PC, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Simply put, "it is best in class".

Evo-X is incredibly fast and feature rich and is suited for businesses of all sizes, corporate, large, or small. After some basic training from the Customer Success team at Evolution you will quickly be able to generate a beautiful crafted and unique web store your customers will absoluteley love.

Our back office links in real-time with Evolution-X, in essence it's as if the products are acting as one. Manage your customers, addresses, contacts, cost centres, and priced contracts in the back office and they are available on Evolution-X. Non contract prices displayed in Evolution-X can also come from our back office pricing algorithm when called upon by the Evolution-X search engine. We call this amazing function live pricing as that is exactly what it is - any price changes in the back office that affect customer selling prices are immediately available in Evolution-X.

Orders placed on Evolution-X from your customer, or from a consumer, appear in the back office automatically for you to process like any other order. On Evo-X your customers can view their order history, accounts information and invoices as well as their pricing contract and orderpad.



EDI for all of your purchase invoices

The World has changed, remote working is now part and parcel of the workplace and automation is now a mainstream requirement. With Calidore AP you can now automatically verify and post a supplier invoice in to your accounts receivable directly from an email attachment


Click here for detailed overview

calidore AP image from PDF.png

With POWER-Gx and Calidore AP your business can benefit from savings in time, money and effort by simply eliminating the need to handle, process and reconcile suppliers invoices - in essence EDI for all of your purchase invoicing.

Calidore AP will automatically process the invoices into POWER-Gx as well as storing your documents for seven years. So good bye to storing supplier invoices.

No more lost invoices, accounting errors, accounts put on hold and unnecessary over-payments. Calidore AP provides you with a structured and streamlined process for handling all incoming invoices.  

We simply take your supplier’s invoice from the email they send to you and process the invoice directly into POWER-Gx. No more sorting through the post, printing invoices, collecting them from the office to post at home, forwarding them for approval or matching them to the correct purchase orders. Calidore AP is available as an addon for our fully Integrated back office solution POWER-Gx.

Developed alongside our technology partner SmartOffice, Calidore AP demonstrates our commitment and ability to deliver new Cloud based technologies to help your business in these challenging and changing times.

Perfect for home workers and ideal for office based workers



Two-way Xero Integration

Xero was started to "change the game" for small business. A cloud-based accounting software solution that  is available anywhere, on any device. If you are already using Xero, or your Accountant would prefer you to use Xero, then you can.

New for 2022, and in line with a World that is focused on interaction between systems, we have developed 2-way integration with Xero. 

InControl Marketing
email marketing integration

ICM is a great way to get the marketing you’ve produced out to your customers and prospects in a measured, consistent and transparent way.

ICM help you to improve the productivity and profitability of your channel. They do this by improving your marketing and by  blending your great customer relationships with unique software and fabulously supporting services. They make marketing simple, accessible, accountable and relevant.

Use ICM to develop a beautifully crafted email and use POWER-Gx to extract the contacts who will receive the email. The recipients are seamlessly incorporated into ICM so you can market your campaign. Within ICM you can monitor email clicks and email opens, as well as any unsubscribes, so you can monitor your success. Any unsubscribes (opt-outs) are automatically updated in to POWER-Gx so the contact will not be selected in any future campaigns.

The super powerful "automated triggers" enable you to enhance your customer contact, and react to customer actions.


  • Send welcome emails when a new customer places their first order

  • Send gentle reminders to a customer who hasn't ordered for a while

  • Confirm when a delivery has been made

  • Keep customers infirmed with delivery dates for their back orders

  • Send emails highlighting an account is overdue.

Fusionplus Data

The industry has gone through significant change to deliver accurate product data, more easily, and more effectively. These changes are being pioneered and lead by Fusionplus Data, a Cloud service designed specifically for providing enriched, accurate, clean data.

Data Cloud_edited_edited_edited.png

Fusion are constantly adding new suppliers and manufacturers to their portfolio to enable your data to be enhanced directly from the affiliated brand owners and manufacturers. This includes multiple high resolution images, specification sheets, documentation, bulleted text, video, alternative and up-selling product links, plus much more.



Two -way Sage integration

Sage offers easy accounting software for small businesses A cloud-based accounting software solution that  is available anywhere, on any device. If you are already using Sage, or your Accountant would prefer you to use Sage, then you can.

New for 2022, and in line with a World that is focused on interaction between systems, we have developed 2-way integration with Sage. 

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