Evo-X: Seamlessly Integrated, Lightning Fast, and Customer-Centric

Evo-X is incredibly fast and feature rich and is suited for businesses of all sizes, corporate, large, or small. After some basic training from the Customer Success team at Evolution you will quickly be able to generate a beautiful crafted and unique web store your customers will absoluteley love.

Our back office links in real-time with Evolution-X, in essence it's as if the products are acting as one. Manage your customers, addresses, contacts, cost centres, and priced contracts in the back office and they are available on Evolution-X. Non contract prices displayed in Evolution-X can also come from our back office pricing algorithm when called upon by the Evolution-X search engine. We call this amazing function live pricing as that is exactly what it is - any price changes in the back office that affect customer selling prices are immediately available in Evolution-X.

Orders placed on Evolution-X from your customer, or from a consumer, appear in the back office automatically for you to process like any other order. On Evo-X your customers can view their order history, accounts information and invoices as well as their pricing contract and orderpad.

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