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The industry has gone through significant change to deliver accurate product data, more easily, and more effectively. These changes are being pioneered and lead by Fusionplus Data, a Cloud service designed specifically for providing enriched, accurate, clean data.

Calidore enables you to pick and choose which suppliers products you want in your back office. As well as new products being added automatically to your system, product amendments and product deletions are also managed automatically.

Wholesaler brands can also be linked, e.g. you can link Exertis branded ValueX products with the equivalent Vow and/or OT product based on the wholesalers recommendations.

Breaking news:

New suppliers added in April '23

CTS will also be cross referenced soon.....

Which suppliers are available to you?

FP Tools Ltd

FP began trading in the 1920's as Fred Parkin & Sons, a local hardware store supporting the community and local manufacturing. The original team prided itself on fantastic customer service with competitive pricing.

Initially created to support the booming automotive industry, FP has evolved beyond recognition into an industry leading indirect materials distributor for all walks of industry although those core family values stand firm today.

Previous Product Press Releases

NWT FM Solutions - NWT FM Solutions are a trade supplier that offer over 7000+ different SKU’s specifically in the Facilities Management Sector. This ranges from Hot Beverages to Cleaning Products, Disposables to Confectionery, and even Office Supplies!

Eastpoint Global

“We love to save teachers time and help raise attainment. We believe learning should be engaging and teaching should be enjoyable.”

Safety First Aid Group

Safety First Aid is a product sales division of Safety First Aid Group Ltd, a family company established in 1959, with offices and a warehouse inHertfordshire.“


Beeswift is a manufacturer and wholesaler of Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment encompassing a wide range of safety products and high quality workwear.


When it comes to creating work environments, Bisley is the name people turn to for quality they can trust.

GPC Industries

GPC are one of the UK's leading specialists in Access, Materials Handling and Storage equipment with a wealth of knowledge gained in over 30 years of trading.


Rocada are a leading European office furniture and visual display manufacturer.

Nautilus Designs

Nautilus Designs boasts a UK portfolio of over 1,500 skus across its office furniture and shelving divisions. To adapt to ever-evolving consumer needs and habits.


Standivarius boasts a UK portfolio of 29 business, consumer and academic line of premium laptop stands aimed at hybrid work trends by providing lightweight and flexibility to mobile users. To adapt to ever-evolving consumer needs and habits.


SIGEL presents a UK portfolio of several hundred business and consumer products from popular brands such as Conceptum, Jolie and Artverum. To adapt to the changing needs and habits of both sales partners and consumers.

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