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Use ICM to develop a beautifully crafted email and use POWER-Gx to extract the contacts who will receive the email. The recipients are seamlessly incorporated into ICM so you can market your campaign. Within ICM you can monitor email clicks and email opens, as well as any unsubscribes, so you can monitor your success. Any unsubscribes (opt-outs) are automatically updated in to POWER-Gx so the contact will not be selected in any future campaigns.

The super powerful "automated triggers" enable you to enhance your customer contact, and react to customer actions.

  • Send welcome emails when a new customer places their first order
  • Send gentle reminders to a customer who hasn't ordered for a while
  • Confirm when a delivery has been made
  • Keep customers infirmed with delivery dates for their back orders
  • Send emails highlighting an account is overdue
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