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Have your drivers obtain customer signatures direct into your back office system by using our beautifully crafted mobile phone App. Replace your paper delivery notes with a permanent digtitally signed proof of delivery.



Proof of a delivery is an essential part of any business. Help streamline your service and reduce errors with our beautifully crafted, and functional, App for Android and iPhone mobile phones. The customer simply signs your driver's mobile phone when the goods are delivered. Dates, times, names and signatures are seamlessly syncronised with the digital delivery note in our back office system for immediate access in POWER-Gx. Eliminate delivery paperwork and reduce customer claims with indisputable proof of delivery by printing or emailing a delivery note with the embedded delivery details, should a customer require a proof of delivery.

  • Multiple drivers.

  • Fast order download.

  • Continues to work with limited or no mobile signal,

    • Delivery details uploaded when a mobile signal is re-established.

  • Use a single signature to cover multiple orders to the same customer.

  • Collection of,

    • Delivery location

    • Recipients name

    • Recipients signature

  • Automatic App updates.

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