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Make your customers love u

Coming soon to a back office near you!

We are introducing a series of automated triggered email marketing campaigns for anyone using Calidore and the Pro version of InControl Marketing's creative content e-marketing platform.

The automatic triggered campaigns will initially offer,

  • Welcoming emails on receipt of a customer's first order

  • "We have missed you" emails for customers who placed their first order but a second order has not been received within a given number of days

  • "Reminder" emails for "regular" customers who have not placed an order for a given number of days

  • Credit Control emails for overdue amounts

  • Delivery confirmation email when our POD is signed.

  • Back-order email confirming ETA of goods that are currently on back order.

These campaigns are a summary of what we hope will add value to your customer's experience and make them love you even more 🥰

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