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Mark Toney's New Era

Iconic North East Brand, Mark Toney, to continue.

One of Calidore’s oldest customers been aquired by the entrepreneur Chris Raynes. Mark Toney, established in 1892, is recognised as an iconic North East brand.

Calidore will be upgrading their on-premise system, as well as moving their back office in to the Calidore Cloud. Calidore will also be installing their latest Xero Accounts solution to facilitate the Xero platform being utilised by the new owners.

The original back office system was installed in 1999. Calidore's fully integrated system was enhanced with bespoke elements to cater for buying, manufacturing, and selling of ice cream, from Mark Toney's North Tyneside factory.

Calidore would like to wish the outgoing owners a happy retrirement and are looking forward to working with Chris Raynes and his team.

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